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Anahi Make Up Game

anahi make up game

    make up
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  • Anahi is the first album by Mexican pop-singer Anahi. The songs were recorded when she was nine years old. However, it was hampered by a lack of recording and production cohesion and did not do well commercially. Anahi recorded this LP with Discos America in 1992.

  • Anahi Giovanna Puente Portilla, better known as Anahi , (born May 14, 1983), is a Mexican actress and singer. She began her career as a child participating in several television series and movies, several of which earned her awards such as the Ariel Award and from the Palme d'Or Award.

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anahi make up game - Alergico: Fan

Alergico: Fan Edition

Alergico: Fan Edition

After the huge success of her most recent album "Mi Delirio" which took her to the top of the Mexican pop and Album charts, Billboard Latin and Latin Pop album charts and rewarded her with various nominations for Premios Lo Nuestro and Kids choice awards among others; Anahi returns with a true gift to her fans, an EP featuring 4 Brand new songs and 2 of the singles that made the album "Mi Delirio" a hit. This amazing track listing includes the brand new single "Alergico", a powerful ballad featuring Noel Schajris From Sin bandera on the piano; it also includes the song "Aleph", a track inspired by the Paulo Coelho book O Aleph, and of course "Mi Delirio", the amazing first single for the record of the same name.

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Anahi e amigo festa mexico 2007

Anahi e amigo festa mexico 2007

anahi e um amigo em festa no mexico..
novembro de 2007!



anahi en el tour de empezar desde cero

anahi make up game

anahi make up game

Clase 406: Segunda Temporada

The students have returned to class with only a year to go, and they are preparing themselves to confront new situations where their decision-making powers will be tested at critical moments in their lives. Differences in social class come between Fercho and Tatiana; Daniela gets involved in drug trafficking; Gaby devotes herself to her daughter; Dante assumes a false identity to get revenge on Francisco; Marcela gives her heart to Chacho, who will repay her with deception; Kike tries his luck in boxing. These and many other stories make up the second season of one of the most successful teen telenovelas. Discover what destiny has in store for the members of Class 406.

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